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In the entire history of the world humanity has repeatedly faced with a multitude of paradoxes and unexplained patterns. Sometimes certain things, actions or deeds lead to quite unexpected results. What do I mean? Let me explain in more detail.

Discussed in this article will focus on trends and fashion trends in the watch industry, specifically - Military-style. You ask: "What's so paradoxical may be in hours?" In general, specifically in hours - nothing, but if you do not take into account the style and its origins. 

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History of military watch

Let us turn to the history of fashion course entitled Military and etymology of the word. Military (mɪlɪtǝrɪ) in English the word means military, military. The military style fashion? Paradoxically? Much more interesting appearance and the emergence of this style. War ... War never changes, it takes a life, and checks on the strength and courage of these men. It brings sorrow and change lifestyles, changes everything. Even fashion.

After the First World War, Europe and half the world were in a strong decline. Civil works and factories destroyed, the people had nothing to eat, what clothes, nowhere to go spend an evening. Fortunately, the problems were solved with the clothing factories functioning in sewing uniforms, which was produced in huge volumes. It gradually replaces the civilian dresses and suits, as it is more affordable and practical. Men form to alter and become gowns, shirts, children's clothing. Over time, the restoration of light industry, has a new casual clothes, which with each passing day produced in ever larger volumes acquired features of military topics. It was the first impetus to the development of style Military, soon forced the status quo than fashion trends.

After World War II Military increasingly embedded in everyday life. In 60 years there is a youth movement hippies protesting the war and all violence. Military uniform gets a new look. Wide khaki pants worn at the hips, shirt unbuttoned, and everywhere shows the symbol of peace. The best designers just picked up the idea and produce fashionable clothing line with the military notes. Military - the only style that does not lose relevance over the years. And this applies not only to clothing.

Enormous influence of fashion trends 60s affected the watch industry. Rigor and practicality of gaining market share by leaps and bounds. If you recall the history of the watch, we can note a big role in the implementation of their army in the civil society. After all, convenience and reliability have become a new criterion in the watch industry. The ability to withstand extreme loads hours, to be taxing on the water, sand, and shock, dial, by which time it is easy to read - as it turned out, the properties that are useful not only in wartime, but in ordinary, everyday affairs.

Recently, Military style has become the most relevant trend in watchmaking. In countries that already two generations live in peace, where men are infantile in matters of war, as you can say about myself? How to show masculine strength and will? In a world of shiny trinkets increasingly difficult to give preference to the simplicity and elegance, functionality, and austerity, reliability, and brutality, all the more difficult to be a real man to be himself, not to be influenced popugayskoy raznoperosti and frivolity. Who said that simplicity is not sexy? Military Romanticism through films and literature entered into our lives and is embodied in clothing, watches, cars, in the style of Military. Increasingly, in the streets, we can meet such prominent and aggressive cars like the Hummer and Gelentwagen.


Challenge to society? Now you're visible, you nonstandard, if you wear a simple watch. Again, a paradox? What to do if in the modern world there is less strong and confident people. Hidden aggression in men forcibly repressed society, it is hidden, as something unworthy rivalry gives way to humility - the feeling is not peculiar to our ancestors. These men's chronographs for wrist watch with funny replaced by unisex. We are governed by fear, fear of not understood. Insecure people try to stand out due to some complex attributes, gold trinkets. They are afraid to stay in the shade, because, apart from external pathos, they have nothing to show. After all, not everyone can afford to wear a simple clock! Watches Military - a watch for people who buy this watch, and jewelry not a dummy. For these people, it is important to the content, it is important to time and practicality. Why watch that fear to wet when you wash your hands?

Watches Military - above all easy to read time. No need to dial extra bells and whistles overload, therefore, in the case will be less brittle mechanisms, making the price of a line of watches Military and more real than other hours of the same brands. Why overpay for unnecessary buffoonery, "dears" and engraved flowers? You are self-sufficient man? Clock will show you exactly Military so, you will attract the attention of decent people. After all, fans of this style - strong people who choose strong stuff. Cars, clothes, watches - all corresponds to the image of this man. Ask yourself the question: "And if you can walk in a simple clock?" The answer to this question is the answer to the other - "Do you Belong to a narrow circle of people around in truly self-confident men?"


Many well-known watch companies have in their assortment line of wristwatches in the style of Military, it's a fashion trend that is gaining attention to itself more and more fans of impeccable style and logical decisions, people who do not make rash purchases. Such well-known watch brands like Panerai Luminor series and legendary Radiomir, Rolex c Submarinen, Azimuth Bombardier with ascetic and B-Uhr, Anonimo with his series of Military and Marlin, elegant Big Pilot from IWC, dictate the trend of watches in the style of Military in the world market .

Here in lies the paradox of identity Military - War, which is a great misfortune and loss for many people, has created over time, the opportunity to show themselves in time of peace these men to show their resilience, self-confidence, self-sufficiency.

I hope that after reading this article, you decide to fill up the hour-long collection of elegant simplicity in the style of hours Military, watch for all occasions.

Next, we give examples and descriptions of the latest innovations of watches made in fashionable style Military to date from the leading manufacturers of the watch industry.

Anonimo Militare Crono and Militare Automatico

Style "military", which emerged after the First World War, is one of the most striking phenomena of contemporary fashion. Demand for Military grade watches among the civilian population is very easy to explain: watch for a "military" format characterized by accuracy and reliability that are necessary in difficult and extreme conditions. Many watch companies today produce a "military" clock, with emphasis on the stylistic elements of the military prototype models. Among the manufacturers Military watches especially popular watch brand Anonimo. The company was founded in 1997 by designer and entrepreneur Federico Massatsesi. A crucial role in creating a line of Dino Zei Military played, provided invaluable service in the development of military watch industry in Italy.

Hours Militare Crono characterized by brutal design, enhancing the strong character of their owners. The model is equipped manufactory caliber 2035, which was developed jointly with the Swiss watchmaker company Dubois Depraz SA, which specializes in manufacturing high quality timers, chronographs and complications. Stainless steel polished and processed sand. Experienced watchmakers Anonimo made time meter steel AISI 316L, containing 20-27% chromium and a low percentage of carbon. Black watch dial is characterized by a three-tier display system: the central arrow, date aperture is located at position "6" o'clock, chronograph counters. Leather strap watches processed patented Kodiak, providing resistance to sea water. And thanks to a patented system of The Crown Vanishing Locking Device crown, located at the intersection of "bonding" strap and case, maximum protection against water clock inside the mechanism. Instruments for the calculation of time very practical and reliable: waterproof model allows the sink to a depth of 500 meters.

Hours Militare Automatico equipped caliber Anonimo 03.1 on the basis of the mechanism of ETA-Valijoux 7750 13 ½, providing 42-hour power reserve. Body of the model in stainless steel 43 mm polished and processed sand. Front glass is made of sapphire crystal, strap - made of water resistant material DINEX, lined LORICA. On the black dial to position "12" hours available for a small dial second hand, date aperture is located at 6 o'clock.

Testers time for war characterized by complicated technical parameters and increased operational capacity, which is achieved through the strict observance of technological processes of assembly hours. Rugged, reliable, waterproof instruments for calculating time, resistant to the negative magnetic influences, have become indispensable companions not only military but also civilians. Young Swiss watchmaker has created a line Azimuth «Militare-1", guided by the high demand for military watches. The prototype for a "military" lines became aviatorskie hour model B-Uhr, used during World War II. Designers Azimuth exactly recreated the stylistic features of prototype watches - solid body, easy to read dial, crown-bulb. All models are equipped with a Militare-old rare instruments. A characteristic feature of this line - black dial with Arabic numeric indices covered fluorescent substance. Tally provides easy reading at night. Azimuth designers carefully develop design hours, fitting it under the functional properties of measuring instruments of time. In «Militare-1" line includes nine models - Bombardier IV, Bombardier V, B-Uhr Inner Hour, B-Uhr Standart, B-Uhr Original Luftwaffe Specification, Officer-Squelette Art Deco, Officer-Squelette Art Deco (Rose God Dial ), Jagdbomber and Jagdbomber PVD «Blacknight».

Closer look at the description of the model Bombardier IV. Opening with "fighting" the title made in the style of old-time pilot's gauges. The body is made in accordance with general principles of "military" style: massive steel case, readable dial and a wide leather strap or a buffalo calf. Massive housing diameter of 48 mm creates an aura of attraction of aggression, brutal perfection, truly masculine style. Hours are collected on the basis of a rare caliber Vintage Marvin Caliber 700. Extremely concise design makes it easy to dial reading. Centre hands ticking the hours and minutes, the seconds hand is derived by a small dial that is located at position "6" hours. Rugged and reliable measures of the time will stand all stresses in the most extreme conditions. Watch limited edition of 99 copies. Swiss watch company also introduced a men's Azimuth watches B-Uhr Inner Hour, which became a worthy addition series Militare-1. Like all models in the series Militare-1 of this model is also characterized by a rather serious look and performance. Flawlessly throughout the body diameter of 48 mm and with a rather impressive crown in the shape of the bulb is made of stainless steel, which guarantees the durability of a luxury attribute. Progress in this model provides an automatic mechanism. Clock Face B-Uhr Inner Hour presented in black, which presented a very interesting presentation time. On the black dial features yellow-hour indexes, which are immediately apparent to his rather unusual color, contrasting favorably to the surrounding background. Swiss watch B-Uhr Inner Hour have two-hour scale. The outer scale, which is located on the edge of the circle case, indicates the current minutes, and the interior, located in the center of the dial indicates the current hour. Water-resistant to this reliable chronometer is 30 meters. Black thong, in perfect harmony with a steel body is made of leather and equipped with a reliable buckle. The design of this model rather laconic, at the same time is unusual enough and throw, which makes the watch B-Uhr Inner Hour this attribute of style and worthy addition to the appearance.

 Continuing the conversation about the clock in the style of "military", not to mention about the company Blancpain, whose history - one of the oldest among watch companies. Wrist watch company Blancpain often become the standard of technological achievements, the company providing a special place in a number of "ageless" wristwatch, interest in which is not limited by time. But now we will talk about the clock, whose production in 1953 was a real revolution in the watch designed for diving.

Wristwatch «Fifty Fathoms» immediately became a "favorite" for hours of military divers. This model became a hit among high-class and elite military units chronographs. Hours «Fifty Fathoms» «accompanied by" the military during the numerous secret missions of various special units in Germany, France, Israel and the United States.

Wider popularity watch «Fifty Fathoms» acquired after the film of Jacques Cousteau - «The Silent World» («The World of Silence"), which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1956. In many underwater scenes of the film appeared on the wrists of the participants these chronometers. After this film watch «Fifty Fathoms» become a favorite accessory of marine scientists and oceanographers. The new watch was opened to them the big advantages of using the water.

The main advantage of hours «Fifty Fathoms» has a body made of stainless steel and is capable of very tightly curled. Official waterproof model accounted for 50 phantoms that, in general, is 91.45 meters, which is equal to the greatest depths to which divers can dive the military with tanks of oxygen and nitrogen: for 1950's it was unheard of results.

The engineers who designed the «Fifty Fathoms», eliminated the use of the weak point of hours intended for diving - the winding shaft by making a model for self-winding. It certainly was a great achievement. Another advantage of the same hour was the ability to "read", even in total darkness: large temporary indexes covering fluorescent coating on a black dial clearly stood out under the glass. However, the creators of this model is not limited to just the creation of easy-to-read dials, they added one more truly practical detail: the limb model can be used to monitor the immersion time, setting it on the mark "12".

50 years later, in November 2003, the company celebrated anniversary hour clock «Fifty Fathoms» release a limited edition collection. Opening this collection called «50th Anniversary Fifty Fathoms».


IWC Big Pilot (Ref. 500 401)


IWC - one of the leading companies manufacturing watches "military" style. Swiss brand at the beginning of last century, manufactured the meters time for the British Royal and the German Imperial Navy. In 1940 she began to cooperate with the Air Force in Germany, delivering hours of soldiers and military pilots of the country.

Watch company IWC has revolutionized the production of aircraft hours, providing them with special anti-magnetic mechanisms to withstand active electromagnetic fields emitted by the aircraft navigation instruments. Pilot's IWC watches are manufactured in compliance with all requirements for a professional instrument for calculating time. They can withstand severe vibrations, sudden changes in temperature and pressure.

Big Pilot watches were manufactured in 1940, commissioned by the German Air Force. They have rendered invaluable service to military pilots during the execution of complex combat operations. As it is often spot downed in battle and killed the pilots. Creating new models of Big Pilot Watches, IWC designers tried to reconstruct the historical patterns of design that was inspired by the resemblance to the dashboard in the cockpit Junkers-52. New models - the upgraded version of history.

Watch Big Pilot actuates automatic caliber 51 110, which was created on the ideological basis of accurate and reliable hand-held instruments. Caliber self-winding system is complicated Pellaton, who in a short period of time accumulate sufficient energy to seven days of uninterrupted progress. The mechanism of resistance to collisions and magnetic fields (according to the norms NICHS 91-10). Housing new models retained the outlines of the historical Big Pilot. 

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