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As you know, people "meet on clothes," and just "escorted by the mind." Do you have a business meeting? Interview? Want to know more about the man? Do not want lose face? When the propagation and the stories do not give a clear answer, takes stock of clothes, from a consideration of not missing a single detail. But few people suspect that the nature and tastes of the person can be judged from the wristwatch. And for good reason. It turns out that those who wear ...

expensive watch
- People tend to be well organized, and appreciate their own and other people's time, like around the order. They do things you love and get from it very much.

hours of "haute couture"
- The owner probably likes elegance, knows a lot about social life. These people are in work are usually careful and pedantic.

"Advanced" hours (a few dials, stopwatch, etc.).
Such people are easy to communicate, like everything new and unusual, consider that there are weaknesses in order to appease them. At heart they are - lovely children.

digital clock
- With calculators, built-in address book, etc. These clocks are energetic people who love to make quick decisions, dynamic. They prefer custom solutions and can not stand the monotony of any life or at work.

clock with Roman numerals.
Their owners prefer the classic style, good food, and promptitude. They are somewhat conservative, prefer that the test of time - old friends, vintage wine, family jewels.

clock with Arabic numbering.
As a rule, belong to the people, able to realistically look at the world and not to build "castles in the air." They are able to assess the situation and try to make a quick decision. But many of them at heart a romantic nature.

Opening with markers instead of numbers.
They prefer to be people who have their own point of view and the view of the world. They are curious and open, but they are not so easily persuaded.

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