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If you decide to buy a Swiss watch - it says that you have achieved a certain success in life and for your image is important not only in clothing and expensive cars, but the details that highlight your style. Swiss Watches on your hand - it's not just a clock. The problem of a perfect mechanism to delight your eyes and the eyes of those around you, to help you in all things, and talk about your taste and social status. Regardless of the value of watches, Swiss watch - it is prestigious. These watches highlight your success in life and in society. Approaching the question of what time is best to choose to be present more often you wear them: to work, to sports, to hiking to night clubs, etc. On Swiss watches, as well as on clothing, jewelry and other accessories extends the principle of compliance activities on which you plan to attend.

Men's watch. Ideally, we should have a minimum of two hours - one for everyday use, and second - for sport or recreational activities associated with the increased loads. Of course, it is better to have a third and for the publication or going to the nightclubs. This is a question of desire and respective capabilities. In general, the division of hours for the purposes of application is not accidental, and caused problems not only style appropriate clothing, and technical specifications related to the operating conditions. Here is an example. All sports watches are designed for higher loads associated with active movement and possible effects on their own clock. In connection with this clock made in a thicker body, usually with side shields crown, able to protect against external influences. As the bracelets or straps used steel, titanium, rubber, plastics, or, in extreme cases, genuine leather with a special water-repellent, anti-active sweating. These watches have a sporty design and look more massive because of the design features and purposes of the application.
Classic watch, or as they now call made in the west - Casual (Casual watch), not designed for heavy loads, the active use of water or external influences. Housing is generally thin. Leather straps are not recommended for use in sea water. Water resistance, which can protect from rain or accidental release of water. That is, those qualities which are designed to make them more stylish and elegant, without overloading them not characteristic features.
With regard to compliance with hours-style clothes, here are the basic rules: If your work involves finding the office and wearing formal clothes, you no longer fit the classic watch. If you dress in loose or sporty as well, if your work is associated with active movements, you watch sports more suitable plan. If you are a frequenter of fashionable "Party People" and have the image of the man of independent and free from prejudice, then you should probably pay attention to designer watches. In summary, it should be noted, not to fall into an awkward position, a la a tracksuit in a restaurant, do not wear a sports watch under a suit or tuxedo, and classic hunting or football game. Speaking of the hull form, consider your own preferences and the size of your wrist. To decide this question, we must once to visit a specialty store and try on a few hours of various shapes and sizes.

Ladies watch. With regard to women's watches, there is no rules, and the overriding factor is the style - the attitude, mood, status, expressed in the exterior. Catchy or classic, or severe shocking - a style made up of little things that emphasize the dignity of women, their individuality and uniqueness. "Fashion dies, style remains" - Coco Chanel said. Therefore, the choice is entirely the woman and her feelings. For the record, I want to comment on the Western classification of women's watches: Dress, Fashion, Sport, and Jewelry. The concept of «Dress» (watch in clothes) are like watches of classic design and not quite ordinary, with a different design finds, in the form of colored straps and broken forms, produced by specialized watch companies. Fashion - designer watches from companies such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Boss etc, which are complementary to the main lines of clothing and other accessories. Divide by Dress and Fashion is often arbitrary and contested by both the manufacturers and their distributors. Therefore, in our shop, we divided the women's watches in classic (from specialized watch companies, including selected models from well-known designers) and design (from the famous fashion houses, for whom time is not a business major and some classical model of watch-making). Sport (sports) and Jewelry (jewelry, precious metals or containing precious stones). Buying any of them, think about their outfits, and then they become not just a tool to measure time, but also accentuate your individuality.

Watch for diving. This is a separate category of hours, to which the claim is even higher than for sports watches. This stability of the abrupt change in temperature, and good visibility in the dark, and easy to use even with gloves on. One of the main factors, of course, is the maximum depth. In this age of electronic progress has become possible to use underwater wrist computer with features such as time or Suunto Uwatec, but no one professional will not enter the water without fear of reliable mechanics. Tehnodayvery and marine special forces have always proven reliable equipped with mechanical clock. The general approach when choosing a dive watch should have a choice in depth (tested to a depth of not less than 200 m), black dial with large luminous hour markers and hands, matte body is desired (so as not to attract the attention of predators), be sure to crown and caseback with screw connection with the body clock, and more professional models, the presence of helium valve, which allows to remove the internal overpressure in the building hours on ascent (as in the Omega Seamaster Diver 300, Breitling Colt Super Ocean or Rolex Sea-Dweller). And, of course, in the evening at the restaurant at the resort on such clocks in at once you learn the professional diver.

Pricing model. When the question arises: "How much you can buy a good Swiss watch?" Usually ask the counter: "How much you want to spend?" The cost of Swiss watches can range from hundreds of dollars to a million. Pricing for hours economy or business class affects the company's history, its reputation, the availability of functions and the material from which they are made. Defining for a price threshold, keep in mind that sometimes the difference is only in the 200-300 dollars to buy can you watch a high-class or a more prestigious brand. Although the concept of prestige and class rather vague and controversial, and is more subjective fact, than the objective, and is associated with your ideas and concepts to your friends. In hours of class "luxury" is the name of defining the complexity of the mechanism and the limited series. Some of them are assembled by hand for months and consist of several tens or hundreds of parts. Therefore, it becomes clear the average price for such a watch in a few tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the amount that you spent on a Swiss watch, you become the owner of an object of prestige, high quality product that will become your calling card for long time.

Good luck to you buy!

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