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Skeleton - a watch with a transparent dial and visible to the eye mechanism, the details which is covered with precious metals and decorated with hand engraving and precious with stones. Wizards try to remove as much metal to look opened an amazing picture of the movement. 

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 History of skeleton watch

Quite often, designers left eye only the visible part of the mechanism, focusing on the work of the individual parts. Production of skeletons - a very difficult and laborious task, requiring a limit of attention. The transformation to normal in a clear masterpiece begins with its full disassembly. After that, platinum and bridges or completely removed by setting their site sapphire plate, or reduced to a minimum to do the job mechanism spectacular.

This process is deservedly called the "azhurirovanie" because fascinating picture of the movement of gears and wheels really makes impression of openwork lace. For greater reliability, some parts subject to wear, made from precious metals, platinum is applied to the remaining or gold plating. After processing, the mechanism must be reassembled. This work is under because only these professionals, because after the bridge thickness is much decreased, to maintain quality and accuracy of the wheel to transfer a lot of effort. The process of creating skeleton capacious enough, it takes a long time, so as necessary not only perfectly cut parts, and carefully decorate them. Since mechanism is fully exposed, all parts should be carefully polished, decorated carvings, ornaments, and sometimes, and precious stones.

Thus, in order to give details of the mechanism of an attractive appearance, they must go through several stages of processing. First of all, the bridges cause different patterns, the most recognizable of which are the "wave of the Geneva» (Cotes de Geneve) and pearl granulation (Perlage) - overlapping concentric circles. Then on the polished surface of the bridge causing a special coating of white. To make the mechanism for a finished look, adorn the master details of the stones, "mounted" in the limited space. Stones are set directly to the platinum or the bridge, but you can install them and Shaton (Ouch). In the latter case, instead of solder in a rock opening details, it is placed in a special ring that is screwed to the details. The most difficult technique is the finishing mechanism of engraving. By means of milling to cut out certain parts of the holes through which you can observe the work of the whole mechanism. Applied to the surface etching, which the master luxury brands are applied by hand. As a rule, are engraved platinum, bridges and rotor, also individual wheels. After this treatment the clock looks just fine, but it is cons - for an exquisite look of the masters have to sacrifice the strength bridges and dams.

A special place among all kinds of decoration is guilloche. At its core, this technique processing is similar to the engraving, but in this case, the pattern is applied by the tool. Details giloshiruyut on special machines, rotary or translational type, and to drawings were not similar to each other, experts use more tips in the form of different geometric shapes, among which were very popular diamond and rose. Special attention is given pattern "circular solar rays» (Soleil decorated), which is applied by sanding the surface. This technique leaves a lot of fine scratches, and is often used in processing and rotor winding wheels. Infliction fine lines and grooves made grinding wheels, or special pastes. The same result can reach brushing (Colimaconnage), with which you can increase frequency and reduce the thickness of the lines. There is also a kind of finishing, as psevdogiloshe. Get the picture by this technique in two ways: in the first case, the workpiece is placed under the press, which squeezes conceived design, the second uses a special stamp, leaving grooves similar to the technique guilloche. But, unfortunately, the quality of patterns obtained by these methods can not be considered high, so prestigious brands apply them fairly rare. Nowadays, you can select a unit of producers who remain faithful to the high standards of finishing machinery. This company Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Jaeger-leCoultre, Breguet, and others. Others watch brands have focused on establishing mechanisms for high-precision, shifting their processing in the background. History of the skeletons originates from the time of the birth-hour the industry. Masters tried to surprise the audience and win the respect of buyers, but the creation of skeletons, above all, was due to the complexity of the premises assembled mechanism in the body. In the second half of XVIII century watchmakers managed to protect it from all sides and give the appearance to which we are accustomed to today. Such innovation upset many art lovers as well as to observe the work hours was impossible. Wizards instantly responded to consumer demands and equipped with "clocks" cover that could tilt or completely removed. To protect the clock from the impact of various external factors, closed glass dial. The appearance of skeletons reinforced the desire of the XVIII century watchmakers to wealth and luxury.

First all, it was associated with the reforms that took place throughout Europe in the middle of the XVI the century. Geneva, where Calvin lived propagandizing Protestant, became one of the main centers of the reform movement. Among the Protestants, who were attracted to his inspirer, there were many excellent watchmakers. Laws established Calvin banned the wearing of robes and splendid jewels, and this situation of things would lead to the collapse of the jewelers. However, they managed to evade the law, and unite with watchmakers, the present invention which have been declared a luxury. This alliance marked the beginning of creation of these masterpieces in Geneva, decorated with enamel, carving and precious stones. Wizards surprise the audience with exquisite, unique patterns, decorating them as much as possible and richer exquisite. Mechanical watches are in themselves are works of art, but when they presented in this light, it remains only to pay tribute to the masters, capable of create a miracle. These clocks can be called a model of artistic and technical of perfection. Special contribution to the development of skeletons and watch industry in general has made Armin Strom. Originally watchmaker specializing in the restoration of antique models. Its ability to independently produce parts and restore the mechanisms that have lost all hope of life, quickly won him fame and repute. Over time, the watchmaker decided to create my own hours, and in 1983 appeared the first pocket Watch "Armin Strom." A unique model was immediately bought one of the patrons Master and marked the beginning of a career inventor who specializes in the creation hours in a single copy or limited series. Special attention is paid Strohm building skeletons. In 1989 he introduced the worlds smallest ladies watches, skeleton, for that his name was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Armin Strom watch The collection of luxury Swiss watch manufacturers are always present and skeletons. Typically, in such models the back cover is made of sapphire hours glass to the work of the mechanism can be observed from any side. Today There are more recognizable skeletons, among which are the Royal Oak Skeleton restrained from Audemars Piguet, amazing Les Cabinotiers Skeleton of Vacheron Constantin, and, of course, the famous Breguet La Tradition. Modern public rather spoiled and not everyone has an unusual type of hours will not please every customer, but, nevertheless, be a skeleton on his wrist is not only fashionable but also very prestigious. Despite the fact that every self-respecting watch brand has in its arsenal "transparent" hours, making them rare company manufacture its skate. The fact that the long hours of work masters, time spent on creating a masterpiece, not as in demand as it may seem at first glance. This interest in the skeleton exhibit only experienced collectors, and not every buyer decides to purchase a neat product, preferring the traditional classic design. Today, Vacheron Constantin is one of the best manufacturers of skeletons, but even the creation of multiple instances of a negative impact on the resources of the company. In 2000, the company has ceased to produce skeletons in general, and only thanks to the persistent requests from collectors and orders authorized dealers in 2003 production was resumed creation of the collection Malte, produced annually limited edition of 50 copies. An important detail, which must be processed to give a lot of time is basis of the movement - platinum. It is the part of the dial, creating a some inconveniences. Today, manufacturers skeletons solve this problem by using additional small dials. One of the first this idea become a reality company Chronoswiss, releasing legendary Pathos. No less curious Skeleton Tank Louis Skeleton introduced in 2006, watch brand Cartier.

Masters of openwork Mares only basis for a mechanism through which managed to maintain its rigidity. A lot of effort had to spend processing surfaces and edges of parts, so the clock has been released limited edition. These days, making skeletons can not be called handmade. Many companies are use of electro-machinery, and computer control allows maximum just cut the hole. Initially, the machine used to create small pieces mechanism, but eventually mastered the new to her "virgin." The principle of operation of the machine is to cut the metal thin wire, which is attached to high voltage. Thanks electroerosion machining parts sled is in ten times faster than hand drilling and cutting. Despite the high accuracy of such equipment, many collectors prefer the skeleton, made by hand. One of the few watchmakers who create masterpieces with his hands is Kurt Schaff, specializing exclusively in the production of models with a transparent dial. Each year it produces about forty models a year, using old equipment and instruments, and his son Christoph engaged engraving details. Cooperation with the time Zenith brand has created a magnificent model Squelettes, which is known Swiss company launched in 1998 as one of the first novelties. But after three years of joint work has appeared Chronomaster - stunning model with transparent dial and platinum indicator phases of the moon. Recently there has been an increasing demand for watches, skeleton with complications. One of the most interesting models can be called Portuguese Minute Repeater Squelette from IWC with minute repeater and a caliber of 95 911 for the first time by the company back in the 30s the last century. Every year at the exhibition in Basel, there are more skeletirovannyh models, but There are watches that have already entered the history of the watch industry and never lose its relevance. First it is worth noting one of the pieces of Vacheron Constantin, knowing the manufacture of skeletons everything. Established in 2007 Patrimony Traditionnelle Skeleton Perpetual Calendar can be called a model of a combination of watchmaking with the technique engraving. Interestingly, the application of the dial is almost not visible, and only a few where visible skillfully painted parts of the movement. On a transparent dial available indicators of the month, date and day, and at the bottom of the dial is located matt index phases of the moon. But a complete picture of the mechanism to open back the case. Especially exciting is openworked rotor in the center which placed the company logo Vacheron Constantin. A special place among the famous Skeleton is a collection of La Tradition Breguet. The designers of this line suggested a dip in the history of watch movements and present them in their original form. Without changing the traditions established by the Several centuries ago, created a series of masters, in models which even the most inconspicuous details reminiscent of a time long past. It is quite predictable success collection (later in the Breguet created several models of La Tradition) establishes presented this year in Basel, a new model of La Tradition 7057 with the case of white of gold. As in previous versions, the clock is not a standard dial - it is withdrawn, to show the details of the mechanism, of which special attention should be paid located at 4 hours parachute »(« pare-chute »), invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1790. Determine the time of this unusual hours can be due to the small guilloche dial in the style of Breguet for 12 hours with power reserve bridge in position "11 oclock". It is impossible to ignore the creation of Corum - Golden Bridge. Created in workshops the company 30 years ago, the clock still take pride of place among the best Skeleton the world. Thanks to the unusual design and unique design, the model has become the face of the company, not afraid to experiment with the possibilities of watch parts. It is noteworthy that the master collected "Golden Bridge" in order to diversify existing at the time line Romulus and Admirals Cup. However, the novelty proved a resounding success and has become number one in the Worlds Fair. The length of the mechanism, assembled from 140 components, is 33 mm and the width only 3 mm. Konsruktsiya held on bridges with hand engraving, and belongs to the category kompaktnyh.Otdelnogo most noteworthy Tourbillon Sous Trois Ponts dOr from the Girard- Perregaux. "Tourbillon with three gold bridges on" - is translated model name - based on two models of pocket watches, created by the company in the XIX century. This mechanism is universally recognized not only for complexity, but also looks great. Transparent dial allows you to watch the three bridges, made of pink of gold. Highly esteemed by collectors Girard-Perregaux is made in several different ways the body of various metals. Interesting skeleton gave their fans a 270-anniversary watch company Blancpain. In automatic Tourbillon Transparence watch dial took place sapphire plate 0.4 mm thick, making it possible to consider the details of the mechanism. Platinum and bridges adorned with the famous pattern «Cotes de Geneve», and the case is made of platinum. The back cover is equipped with special "viewing window" through which one can observe mechanism at work.

On hands and indexes applied fluorescent coating Superluminova. The model was released limited edition of 27 copies. Finish the parade of modern skeletons want a masterpiece of calling not deal with time, and live with them in harmony. That is the philosophy of watchmaker Chronoswiss, has presented the world the first skeleton chronograph named Opus. Open Dial allows you to watch as "created" time. A real miracle mechanics, in which case there are about three hundred parts, the model was noted Award «Watch of the Year 1996" awarded by the most authoritative German sentry magazine «ARMBAND UHREN». On the dial are silver-plated counters chronograph, calendar and separately made by the second hand. The model focuses on Buyers wishing to emphasize their individuality. It remains to add that perfect beauty skeletons is not subject to time and time masters continue to work on the creation of genuine masterpieces of watchmaking. 

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