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If you ask the question, what is the regulator, the watchmaker, apparently, think of a thermometer on the bridge balance, the collector - the old floor clock and watchmaking expert, slapping his forehead and remembered the unusual wristwatch with a single clockwise. We will try to clarify this issue.

These days, using the first meaning of the word, particularly regulators called exact clock with a complex system configuration of the pendulum and made at a separate dial clockwise.

One of the first regulators extant, we can rightly be called the grandfather clock with the function of the equation time1 Louis XV, by Julien Le Roy (Julien Le Roy) in 1736. This floor regulator (regulateur de parquet) is mentioned in the famous Encyclopedia of Diderot in his article "The equation of time," written by Le Roy.




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In this article he clearly understands that in order to achieve precision mechanism should have some wheels that reduce mechanical errors to a minimum. The clock was made more on the traditional pattern (central arrow with hours, minutes and seconds), in addition, in the "6:00" was a special window to display the days, months, and the corresponding difference in the readings of the time. Case the master by his son - Pierre Le Roy (Pierre Le Roy). He made an enormous contribution to the development of high-precision marine chronometers and regulators.

In the XIX century there have been many regulators floor - hours with high precision. The most advanced of them had the anchor descent Gragama, as well as a pendulum with mercury compensated temperature fluctuations. To eliminate the effect of time on minute wheel of the tribes in those hours was used separate displays hours and minutes.

But how can there pocket, and then the wrist regulators? The idea of ​​displaying the time the two central arrows originated in the late XVII century. After the invention of Christian Huygens carrying a spiral compact clock became more accurate in a lot of time on the clock dial, and first appeared the minute hand. Innovation is not all had to taste, and watchmakers were forced to seek an alternative. So, was used again the idea of ​​an old rotary dial.

In the upper part of the window appears in the form of a semicircle, which was visible through the disk (instead of clockwise), halved on the "day" and "night". Sun or the moon moving in the window, showing hours, minutes and displays normal central arrow. Then there were the first hours of offset from the center clockwise. So the clock Larkuma Kendall (Larcum Kendall) the minute hand was at the center or at the top and with a second hour at the bottom.

The most early models, come down to our days, can also include a pocket chronometer Auha Jakob (Jacob Auch), a German watchmaker, established approximately in 1800.

The watch has some revolutionary features for those years, one of which - the balance with bimetallic rim for temperature compensation of the error. In 1812, its first pocket watch with a single clockwise produced Abraham Louis Breguet.

It should be noted that at that time clocks are not yet called "regulators." It took many years before it was a parallel between the clock of similar design and floor controllers.

A distinctive feature of the watch-regulators is the location of the shooter. The minute hand is on the central axis, and the hours are usually relegated to side, most often it is in the "12 o'clock", at least - the "3 o'clock". Regulators may also be provided with date indicator, power reserve indicator and tourbillon even.

The debate over the advantages and disadvantages of such a construction hours do not cease. Its supporters believe that this arrangement reduces the error of the shooter, but opponents argued at least argue that the mechanism of complication makes it less reliable.

In fact, modern clock-control - it is rather a new vision, a new form of time display. Watches have become popular in the period of intensive development of science and technology in the first half of last century. The classic controller is a three small dials on the same shared disk: time from the top, minutes at the center, and the second from the bottom. He recalled the car control panel or aircraft gauges, speedometer, tachometer and other instruments with the arrow.

After a fairly long lull tradition of manufacturing controls company resumed Chronoswiss. In 1988, she released her first wrist controller. 

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