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The old clock is still going on

The old clock, the witnesses and the judge ...

I barely remember my grandfather's intelligent eyes behind thick glasses, sweet smell of a wooden tube, and a mysterious bout of massive hours, standing in his living room. My grandfather died when I was four years, but I often think of it, going to his parents. No, not his portraits adorn the walls of their house, but miraculously blended the old grandfather clock in the usual modern interior apartment. Their wooden cabinet practically has not changed over the last hundred years, and the great German mechanism is as clear and scrupulously keep records of minutes, as if laughing at eternity.

Transformed the interiors of our apartments: the subject of deficits 70 - bulky wall - replaced the closets and shelves in the style of "high-tech." The object of envy of all its neighbors in the 80's - VCR - now do not even know our children, easily controlled with an MP3-player and DVD-player. Crashed prababushkin service and antique porcelain figurines have long hidden in a closet. The time spares no one: age subjects, leaving loved ones. Only massive clock, a symbol of bygone moments, thought-provoking over the impermanence of life.

Many years living behind the Iron Curtain, many sincerely believed that the art of making floor clocks went down in history with revolutions and wars, the secret that permanently lost, and to find really high-quality copy of today can only be at the auctions. Fortunately, we were wrong. Former previously inaccessible to the Russians celebrated watchmakers products not only lost its quality over the years, however, in their manufacture began to apply the most advanced modern technology, how to build buildings, and in the manufacture of precision mechanical movement.

What are the secrets stored clock today? On that first of all should pay attention to acquiring the symbol of stability, and how to choose a watch that over the years will serve you, your children and grandchildren? Just want to say, soberly evaluating the median income, and financial capabilities of most compatriots, we will not now talk about the unique mechanisms of German Erwin Sattler and Matthias Naeschke. Unfortunately, a truly fantastic quality and value of the order of 1-2 million rubles can not make them available for retail sale. Talk about cheap Chinese "art works", we also will not, because the clock - is not just a piece of furniture is a symbol of time and continuity of generations, not for nothing that the first model is called floor clocks grandfather («grandfather's clock»).

Whatever was written on the dial, which firm may be manufactured housing, remember that today the world's high-quality serial mechanisms for floor clocks are manufactured only two German companies - Hermle and Howard Miller. Reliability and their technical specifications are almost identical, basically all the models require that the plant once in 8 days and provide a precision of ± 15 seconds. The most expensive copies are compensating pendulum, providing a perfect accuracy, even during extreme changes in temperature, "perpetual" lunar calendar and the anchor of a unique ceramic material, which gives only uniform clock speed.

Do not forget that the second name of the floor models was the "interior", which means the appearance and quality of housing are as important as the precision and reliability of the mechanism. What means the term "housing quality", and what requirements it must comply?

In the first place - it's strength, ie the ability to continuously maintain the correct geometry, the acoustic characteristics (do not forget that the clock - a clock, "with force" and tunes), maintainability, and, of course, interesting and attractive appearance.

Producing housing manufacturers use four basic materials: wood, plywood, MDF and particleboard. It is up to them, as well as the build quality and design and all of these properties depend on floor clocks. Most models of the mid-range is a symbiosis of several materials. Stable base hours are almost always made of wood, sometimes in the posterior wall of high buildings in particular are used additionally stiffening. Pay attention to the connection details, they should not only be attached to studs and dowels, but it also cemented.

In terms of durability, moisture-resistant and eludes the most extremes of temperature is MDF. Produced from very fine sawdust glued together with lignin and wax it, unlike the CPD does not contain toxic substances. At the same time, MDF is easy to work, that allows you to give any form of housing and create a variety of carved decoration. Despite the fact that such housing does not crack and warp from no time, however, even the smallest damage, peeling and scratching or damaging to veneer pasted decorative foil MDF. They are almost impossible to remove, so the service life of 25-30 hours is limited over the years.

Hours of solid wood to the touch even give an unforgettable sense of warmth and life, have excellent acoustic properties, their thick and juicy sound akin to the mysterious song cello. However, buying a mechanism in wood veneer or plywood enclosure, you must check the quality of the surfaces, the lack of bumps and swellings. With proper use of the wooden model is able to serve more than one hundred years, the thing to remember is that the tree does not tolerate extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and high humidity, and poorly dried, it can over the years to crack.

If the material characteristics and mechanisms you can always learn from the description of the manufacturer, then by visual inspection, note the presence of cracks in the building, installing doors density and quality of mounting the dial and accessories, listen to the sound of music, and then compare with what they saw and heard at the cost of floor clocks. Attentive to details and selecting the appropriate style decision, you will not only beautify your interior but also leave a great memory for the children and grandchildren

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