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Concern Eta - the largest Swiss manufacturer with the largest range of mechanisms included in the well-known concern SMH. If your watch is used in the mechanism of this company, you can rest easy.
The main difference from a quartz clock motor is being used as an energy source, providing the work of a watchmaker.

In a mechanical watch:
Energy source is a coil spring located in the drum with the jagged edge. In the winding hours of spring is twisted, while unwinding spring drives the drum rotation which drives the entire vintage mens watches mechanism.
The main drawback is the unevenness of the spring motor speed unwinding of the spring, which leads to inaccuracy of the clock. Also, the mechanical clock precision will depend on many factors such as temperature, position hours, wear, and others. Therefore, for the mechanical watch is the norm divergence from the exact time of 15-30 seconds per day, and the best result - 4-5 seconds per day.

In quartz watches:
Source is a battery, which powers the electronic unit and a quartz watch stepping motor. The electronic unit once per second sends a pulse motor, and that in turn rotates the needle. Very high frequency stability of the generated pulses and, consequently, high precision (average deviation from the exact time is 15-25 seconds per month, and the best quartz clocks show the variation of 5 seconds per year) provides a quartz crystal, because of which the clock and got its name. In addition, the battery is designed for several years, respectively, quartz watches do not need winding.
The cost of mechanical watches are usually higher than quartz, as thin mechanical watches require manual adjustment during assembly. While the majority of operations for the manufacture of parts and assembly mechanism of quartz watches entrusted to automation. It is widely believed that mechanical watches are more durable than quartz. This is not the case. All moving parts quartz clock mechanism have the same resource as that of the mechanical clock. Resource of electronic components are not fully understood, but probably also high. Therefore, a good quartz watch is likely to last for as much as, and mechanical.

Housing Material
Watch case can be made of plastic, stainless and carbon steel, titanium, steel, gold plating and a set of noble metals (common white and gold, platinum, sterling silver, etc.). As a rule, it is written on the back of the clock, or a passport. Shells made of plastic and carbon steel are usually the cheapest. In the Swiss watch is usually used stainless steel and titanium. Sometimes the body is made of several metal (usually stainless steel and gold). In addition, the currently widely used stainless steel coated with PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition - vlagoottalkivayuschee coverage). PVD coating has high resistance and durability.

Material bracelet / strap
As a rule, Swiss watches are equipped with straps of leather or of different species (crocodile, ostrich, etc.), or bracelets made of stainless steel or titanium (its main advantages - it's easy and harmless chemical). The bracelet is usually more expensive than even the leather strap, respectively, watch bracelet will be more expensive than similar clock on the belt.
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Glass material
An extremely important part in this hour glass. Match at least three basic types of glass. Price and quality depend on its hardness. Material is crystal glass the following types: plastic, mineral, or synthetic sapphire. In Swiss watches, as a rule, mineral or sapphire crystal. Mineral glass is the most widespread and strong enough. Sapphire crystal is the most expensive, most durable and scratch resistant, your watch can already be jammed and scratched, the glass still like new.

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