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Mens 1920

Mens 1920's LeCOULTRE Vintage SPLENDID Watch LADY and HUNTER DOG


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Jaeger lecoultre

 Jaeger-LeCoultre is a double name. Its older part LeCoultre stands for the company established in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre in the town of Le Sentier not far from Geneva.

Basically all major jewelry and watch companies of Europe were the customers of LeCoultre. The use of the most advanced technologies allowed Jaeger-LeCoultre to take a dominant position in the last century’s market, however, we don’t know a lot about any great or impressive achievements of the company, beside the creation of a device for Queen Victoria, which measured 1/1000 mm and was the thinnest timepiece as of 1903 (1,38 mm).

A quantum jump in the company’s history took place when LeCoultre merged with the Paris-based company Jaeger. In 1860, the workshop employed 100 people, and in 1890, 125 calibers were placed on production. With the course of time, the sons of Antoine Elie, Paul and Benjamin joined their father’s business and soon LeCoutre became the company producing such sophisticated mechanisms as repeaters, chronographs, calendars. And in 1899, when the son of Elie Jacques-David joined the family business, LeCoutre became a leading watchmaking workshop in Vallée de Joux.

In 1928, there was a revolution in the watchmaking  - Jaeger-LeCoutre created its Atmos, which received the energy necessary for its functioning from the minor changes of the environmental temperature. The Reverso model, which came out in 1931, joined the ranks of the world’s most famous watches. It was the classical watch of the Art Deco style, which made the history of the watchmaking art.

In the1950s-1960s, Jaeger-LeCoultre invented many different wristwatches. Its Geomatic was granted the status of chronometer, and Geophysic had a special antimagnetic protection. When Futurematic appeared in 1953 (Caliber 497 with an automatic winding), the crown became unnecessary. The Memovox model of 1956 became the first watch with an automatic winding and an alarm function. Since 1980 the accumulated ideas and projects of Jaeger-LeCoultre have been embodied in a series of new exquisite timepieces.

Dedicated to the creation of new masterpieces, the watchmakers of Jaeger-LeCoutre remain devoted to their old “friends” having done good services to its founders. It is, first of all, the unique ultrathin Caliber 101, used in many jewelry models of this brand. The rebirth of this Caliber can be seen in precious Joaillerie Riviere 101, which will attract attention of the male collectors and will fascinate women with its diamond shine. A thin case on a double leather or white gold bracelet has the tiniest mechanism in the world – Caliber LeCoutre 101. Weighing less than one gram, it was first created in 1929 and consists of 98 components.

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