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The choice of hours of diving

There are countless options of diving watches but not all of them satisfy the requirements of a professional diver. What should I look for when choosing diving watches?

Of course, now under the water without diving computer controlled quartz does not leave any diver. These diving watch as a second control system may thus not only give confidence, but to become a vital product, if the electronics fail suddenly.

What criteria apply to real, functional and reliable diving watches? What they should be? What features should they have?

In contrast to the diving computer, they must be mechanical. (Chronographs and other advanced features, we intentionally do not take into account).

Today, more than ever, watch manufacturers understand that well sealed housing is essential for good ride quality hours.

The enclosure must be constructed of solid stainless steel or pure titanium (in this example, watch Porsche Design, and Sector), or whether it should be monocoque, that is, have one shell, like a clock TAG Heuer.

The clock may have also screwed the bottom cover with full thread and O-ring. Of course, the crown must also be screwed. In addition, it should be big and rough, so it could be used even in neoprene gloves. To protect it from shocks, must be pronounced lateral protection. Some manufacturers have moved the crown with the numbers in front of the vulnerable places <3>, this is done, for example, to watch Citizen, Ikepod and Sinn. Desirable is the presence of non-reflecting sapphire glass cover, because due to its hardness, this glass can be scratched or reefs, or wrecks hull elements.

With all these features, the clock can easily provide water resistance to 10 atmospheres, ie, up to 100 meters, and most professional diving watches can withstand much more pressure - from TAG Heuer watches and Sector can dive to depths of even 1000 meters. At a depth of sunlight does not penetrate already, so you can not do without the big, bright glowing markers to indicate hours. The arrows should also be covered in a glowing mass, so that time can be accurately read even at very low light. Indication shall be marked with a 5-minute intervals and must be clearly visible at a distance of 25 cm in the darkness under water. Those conditions include the definition of the arrows and numbers.

Of course, interest in the deep ocean is not so much the absolute time of day, how much relative time until the moment when the compressed air in the balloon come to an end. For this reason, a professional diver's watch should be provided as a convenient turning point steady rest with minute division and luminous dot. This luminous point allows one of two plants, that is, it will either mark the dive, and in this case, the minute hand moves from a luminous point in such a way that can be read on the lunette time elapsed since immersion. Or luminous point set for a minute, which corresponds to the time when you need to ascend again, and in this case, the minute hand approaches the luminous point. Logically, the bezel should rotate counter-clockwise only, to read by the dive as a result of erroneous rotation could only be increased, not decreased, which could lead to life-threatening shortage of air diver.

Each watch for diving must pass individually tested and 100% to meet quality standards. Comprehensive inspection is conducted: the intelligibility of inscriptions-magnetic properties, shock-proof, security fasteners and security strap headband. And of course, they must withstand exposure to salt water and extreme temperature changes. When all these conditions should work fine watches. This complicates the lives of producers, but because human life is priceless.

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