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Hours skeleton and watches with digital display

In this review we look at a couple of unusual watches, united by a common style of the early 20th century.

The end of the XIX century (1880-1890 years) - the era of the available hours, start to do mass production. At this time, technology began to take precedence over the manufactories, and cost reduction in production has come to the fore.

The bulk of the cheap watches - cylinder (classical inscription on the lid Remontoir Cylindre 10 rubis). Cylinder arrangements have learned to do simple mechanized operations, gilding bridges and wheels has become more delicate and fragile, steel cheap, poorly treated and short-lived. "Cylinders" of the late 19th century are still afraid of the unpredictability of his behavior watchmakers - after a complete renovation, they can sometimes work perfectly, however, can stay "out of the blue," and some did not manage to revive it.

Later, in 1910, massively spread clock pin of course Roskopfa who often do not contain a single stone in the wheel system. Details of pin tumbler mechanisms produced by stamping. Without any finish they work, and thus show a fairly decent performance in terms of accuracy. Note - only at the time of the sale of new hours. The old "shtiftovku" revive and lead to a good move very, very difficult. For the low cost of manufacturing hours were paid for their exceptional fragility.

The vast majority of the old clock, which can be found on the antiques market, are precisely the period from 1880 to 1910. Unfortunately, 99% of the hours of this period are low-cost mass products and are not collector's interest. Nevertheless, some instances are rare, and definitely of interest to collectors.

Two of these rare watches in the collection belong to this period, they are built on robust arrangements with the Swiss anchor swing and ruby ​​stones. The first copy - Swiss pocket watch with a partially openworked mechanism completely open to review the progress of the anchor. The second - also Swiss pocket watch with jumping hour and minute digital display. Both are similar in style: the case of the weapons are the elements of gilding, metal dials with a combination of silver and gold plating. At one time they were relatively cheap watch, but rare unusual features make them desirable for the collection.

Pocket watch with an open balance (poluskeleton)

Cute flat watch, serving not only count the time as pleasing to the eye of the owner is fully open anchor swing. In their example, we can study the interaction of balance, anchor escapement wheel and forks. Upper bridges are made as thin and arranged in a straight line, aesthetically continuing shifted to the upper edge of the dial.

The style is similar to some clock Breguet XIX century, Breguet only shifted the dial to increase the area under a large clockwork mechanism of the drum, thereby lengthening the course of hours, or by making them slimmer, with the same reserve. Here everything is done just for beauty. Or maybe even a claim to an external similarity tourbillon.

At the core clock mechanism of the unusual, like never seen anywhere else. Caliber is quite thin, the clock through a flat and comfortable to wear. Housing with a solid blank back cover - to get to the mechanism required to open the front welt, to dismantle the arrow and a dial.
Vintage watch
The inscriptions on the mechanism: BREVET SGDG "Cross" 37 772 - country Switzerland and the patent number. Ancre - Anchor course. Levee Visible - open stone-pallet forks. Double Plateau - double roller.

Clock face was badly worn, had to manually restore the numbers. The inscription with the name can not restore. Housing was also worn, original blueing restored.
Pocket watch with jumping hour function

No less interesting watch with a mechanical complication - module jumping hours. Metal dial with embossed floral pattern, gold and colored enamel. Indication of time on two discs - red figures minutes, and black hour digits. In passing minute drive through the zero mark, instantly pereschelkivaetsya digit hours. Initially, this display has been designed for the visually impaired, but later moved into the category of classical mechanical complications, and is still available in various combinations of well-known watch companies.

An interesting point - Swiss Made label on the dial. Swiss legend, it started installing later, but here's a fact - hours before the 1920s, but the inscription is present.

Swiss escapement mechanism, reliable workhorse. Form bridges Vacheron Constantin, there is a fairly large grinding under the Geneva waves. No other jewelry is not all pretty simple and functional. The scheme is quite simple jumping hours and performed under the module face.
The module "jumping hour", we see two disc under the dial.

Minute disc is driven by a central clock wheels.
Pin attached to the latter, at some point in time pereschelkivaet spring-star disc.

There is a more complicated scheme jumping hours - when the switch is not just jumping hours and minutes. Over time, and publish such scheme, the clock still in the restoration.

On the inside cover of the probit number, brand and Swiss Acier Garanti, which means the body material - steel. Rooms on the mechanism and details of the case are the same, it means that all parts of the original.

The clock was a touch of rust on the outside, browning was restored. The mechanism also had a problem - broken (rusted and fell off) one tooth escapement wheel, had to pick another painting of the same caliber of those same years, and set on the axis of the damaged wheel.

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