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Engraved on the clock - an element of the image!

How to save hours, the embodiment of human genius, of depersonalization - an inevitable concomitant of industrial production? There are two ways. First - make a unique model or produce the so-called limited edition watch series, with each copy of the assignment of own room. Second - to decorate the body, lid and mechanisms, using a variety of decorative techniques, such as etching, which takes in the series a special place.
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Thread of metal, or, as it is called, engraving, often used in combination with other techniques such as embossing and stamping. The idea behind a common technique: a metal rod with a hammer hammering the metal, leaving it hollow. Engraving the same - more refined art. As well as drawing, executed in pencil or pen, the thin lines cut on metal, are designed for looking at, to admire the close. The master carver of the metal should be, above all, a good draftsman. From it requires vigilance and accuracy of the eye, hardness and flexibility along with the hands. "Engraving Line is an art form. Even if I had finished the sketch, I still wanted to change something in the process. Carved line is always drawn with a pencil or rather," - says one of the masters.

To perform the carvings must have a set of steel cutters, shtiheley - narrow, short blade with a sharp, obliquely truncated edge. Shtiheli, depending on destination, have different shapes. Typically, one end of the blade is inserted for the convenience of a round wooden handle. Engraver cutter is along the lines of the picture, holding the metal surface, its sharp edge. The cutter removes a thin shavings from the surface and leaves a furrow lines of varying depth and width, respectively, which depend on the strength of pressure and cross-sectional shtihelya.

Engraved images can be as pure outline, without shadows, without any attempt to convey the volume and space and volume. In such works is very important beauty silhouette and the line is a simple and versatile type of jewelry. Often in this technique are made using images from the plant motifs - flowers, leaves and twining stems.

But often the master is interested in contrasts of light and shadow, volume and location of figures in space. Young Master original, it befell the engraving, but the classic monogram initials and create, using tonal gradations, unusual - especially in terms of clock-making - three-dimensional images.

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