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Decipher the inscriptions on the covers of a pocket watch

Bull's-eye often delight us with beautiful hand-painted caps, with lots of intricate mysterious inscriptions. When many inscriptions, medals, badges - pocket watches look particularly attractive. Wizards have spared no effort in beautiful fonts with venzelkami and curls. For the uninitiated, these signs usually appear complete gibberish, but actually just to decipher them. We must learn how to read a little ornate antique fonts and the following guide will help you understand most of them, to define what they mean.

Vintage watch by man. Traditionally, on the cover of hours in the production set of parameters refer to the mechanism, information about the manufacturer and serial number. In this review, it is not a gift or prize engravings, which were applied to the finished product is purchased for a specific person. Consider only manufacturing designation. For the Russian market could be an inscription in Russian language, sometimes quite funny translation.

Inscriptions on the manufacturers and well-deserved reward

Geneve, Locle, Neuchatel, Chaux-de-Fonds, Suisse - Place of manufacture of the product, place of registration time of the firm. Producer could be Swiss, but the inscription German, English or Russian, by name and city of importing firm.

If you watch the medals on the cover, then to the medals should be given the exhibition (city and year), which had been received these awards. If no coin of the city and the year - this may be an imitation, a forgery. Some of the cheap junk watch manufacturers decorated fake medals, just a formal round icons with some abstract emblems or heads.

Medaille d'or - watch received a gold medal at the exhibition;
Diplome d'honneur - Watch received an honorary degree;
Paris 1896 - Exhibition and year of its implementation;
Grand Prix - Prize "Grand Prix";
Marque Deposee - trademark protected.
Advertising signs "about nothing"

Yes, as today, before the producers of cheap goods without actual features and advantages really wanted to stand out among other high-sounding slogans.

Qualite Superiore - higher quality (usually placed on the cheap watch, better to sell them);
Half chronometre - Semi-timer, anchor watch conditional high-level (most often, it is not true);
Precision - very high accuracy;
Options and features of the mechanism in the notation on the cover of a pocket watch

The main symbol on the lids usually concerns mechanisms and their parameters.

Patent Lever - patented anchor descent;
Cylindre (Echappement a Cylindre) - cylinder type of descent;
Echappement Cylindre en peirre - ruby ​​cylinder descent;
Echappement a Duplex - duplex type of descent;
Remontoir - remontuar, plant and transfer the arrow head (innovation system at the time);
Ancre Ligne Droite (English version of the Straight Line Lever) - move the anchor with the placement of the axes in a straight line (also new);
Levees visibles - anchor plug with open pallets;
Aiguilles (fr.), Hands (English) - marking the holes for the transfer arrow key;
15 Rubis - 15 stones in the mechanism;
Spiral Breguet - spiral balance (hair) with isochronous Breguet curl;
Balancier coupe - split the balance;
Balancier Compensateour - Temperature compensated balance;
Avance Retard (AR) - faster is slower (on the controller exactly French.)
Fast Slow (FS) - faster is slower (on the controller exactly, Eng.)
Brevet, Brevete, Patent - patent and patent number (French);
Brevete S.G.D.G. - Franco-Swiss patent;
D.R.G.M. - German patent;
Alarm / Stop - Alarm on / off;
Full Jewelled - all axes of the stones (15 stones);
Chronographe - chronograph function (built-in stopwatch);
Quantieme - calendar function;
Repetition a quarts - quarter repeater function;
Repetitions a quarts & minutes - minute repeater function.
Marking the material body pocket watch

Typically, labeling body material is indicated on the inside covers. External cover can be made of brass with a light gold, precious metals outside of expensive or with a thick sheet gold.

Cuivre - brass (written on the inside cover);
Guaranted 10 years (15, 20) - gold-plated with a guarantee to wear 10 (15, 20) years;
20 mikron - Gold plated 20 microns (German mark);
Plaque Or 20 micron - 20 micron gold-plated;
Acier Garanti - black gun steel;
Acier Inox (Inoxydable) - Stainless Steel;
Metal Blanc Garanti - bright nickel alloy, nickel silver;
Silverode - silver metal, nickel silver (see Argentan);
Argentan - ARGENTAN or nickel silver (also nickel silver, new silver) - has long been known among the Chinese, called pack-fong, it means white copper, from the French it is called - maillechort or argent d'Allemagne, a German - Argentan or Neusilber, y the British - German silver. A nickel alloy is copper and zinc, and got its name, as well as practical application because of its external resemblance to silver.
Warranted Coin Silver - Silver Coin;
Fine Silver - Silver 900 samples.

On the stigma of precious metals, see separate note "Time stamp".

Antique clocks and antiques are very diverse, and above marking may vary, be combined in various combinations. If you have not found the markings on his watch, may apply for certain hours, to consult on the forum. This directory will be updated with inscriptions and develop.

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