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In the first half of last century was not only start the production of watches, but also the acquisition of new shapes for hours, and new content. For example, it took place at the time development of antimagnetic watch, in production of parts that used non-magnetic metals such as gold. Besides appearing shockproof watch, with the most important discovery in watchmaking was the emergence of sealed enclosures that protect the mechanism from dirt, dust and moisture. "Pioneers," calling the production of such invulnerable hours at conveyor steel company "Omega" and "Rolex".

In the 20's "first fiddle" in the creation of a specialist vodonepronitsaemyvh hours playing "Rolex" Francis Baumgartner. The basis for it was a technology for creating sealing body Borgela, which consisted of tapping with oboh parties medial part, with its twist in opposite directions. In this case, screwed to the body of the ring, which is attached to the dial and clocks. The disadvantage of this system was stem, in which the housing is sealed not as good as we would like. However, this trouble has been eliminated over time - in 1925, Swiss Re and Jorge master Paul Perregaux released screw heads wintage watch.

One of the first to realize the promise sealing enclosures, Hans Wilsdorf master of the "Rolex", which in 1926 worked on the method of mounting heads, Paul Perregaux and Georges Pere, and a year later the company launched the Rolex Oyster watch (Oyster), stenographer, Mercedes Glyayttse crossed the La- Channel 15 and a quarter hours. It is this "record" and caused the stunning rise of "Rolex" afterwards. "Oyster" - the first waterproof watch that can stay underwater for a long time is unthinkable without damage to the mechanism (that's the point of comparison with oyster hours).

But the company Cartier made the first waterproof watch her in 1929 - then carried out the order of the Pasha, Marrakech. In the production of her watch screwable used a special cover.

Quite differently created their waterproof watches company "Omega". Its range of hours, "Marine" (Marine) released in 1932, it was "watch the clock," in which a body was inside the other. Baptism of fire took place in those clock in 1936, when underwater explorer Charles William Bibe immersed in hours "Omega" to a depth of 14 meters.

In addition to deep-water "marine" hours of the sale received and conventional waterproof, which could dive to a depth not more than five meters. The difference between deep and not very clock has become the most manifest when there was a World War II. "Rolex" in the ensuing struggle for the market winner, and cemented its status as a leader in the production of military watches. At the same time, Russia has produced watches are not worse - in some you can dive to 50 meters, since the clock was a special design Krischke double.

In 1945, Rolex has issued one of his greatest masterpiece - Submariner 6204 watch, which was destined to become classics. A few decades in a row, this model was transformed and modified, resulting in the Submariner watches made "James Bond". For those who do not know what kind of watch - they are the only water-resistant watch, capable of withstanding depths of 660 feet. By the way, about whether the "Rolex" company, which released the deep hours hodyad civil disputes up to now. The fact that the Submariner "Marine" company "Omega" later began to produce models, while the latter simply did not receive national recognition and have not achieved commercial success.

Not bad went to watch the market Blankpeyna, especially the model of "50 Phantom", according to some data ahead of "Submariner" for the month. It is noteworthy that were used in 1953 in the movie "50 Phantom" with Jacques Cousteau. Though in the dedication to this collaboration with an outstanding diver and traveler company subsequently released a watch "Scuba" "Batiskaf." They enjoyed success primarily because of thoughtful modern design. As a result, over time, all the companies that produce watches began to expand its product range at the expense of underwater waterproof watch.

Can be summarized that in this time of popular underwater hours as well as in the last century because they are not only sports facilities but also the element of sport, free style.

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