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The only one of its kind in the world, located here in the old, historic city of Kiev.

My name is Boris and here we create watches with valuable and historic movements that have been preserved, restored and placed in newly designed cases.  My watches are singular works of art.  Each is original and a one of a kind, a piece of artwork that is also a little time machine.

Most important of all, the people who work here are my best friends.  

There are four watchmakers, a manager, a photographer, a wonderful lady who writes the auction description and does preparation for the auction.  Also, there is an artist, three jewelers, two lathe operators, a person to work with the Post Office and me.  All with great talent and dedication.

We are a team and we have produced hundreds of pieces of art that bring special joy and happiness to many people around the world.  People who appreciate what is handmade, special and unique.



For example, the dials on our watches are not replicas of the original, each is a specially designed singular example to match the character of the case and movement.  

At first, the concept of a dial is developed by my designer.

After that, the design is transferred to the computer, as a graphic image to be refined and sized to the chosen movement and case.

After being designed, the dial is then made by hand in enamel.

When completed it goes to my watchmaker for precise installation.


At first, the design concept of a case is developed by my artist, keeping the dial in mind.  A drawing is created and transferred to the computer in graphic form by my designer.  After that, the engineer makes exact measurements of the movement and the dial for the manufacturing of the case.

Further, the coordination of the engineering drawing, the turning and metalworking for the manufacturing of the case is started.  The lugs and a winding crown are then created or chosen.   Then the case is engraved if part of the design.

After the case is prepared it is plated, covered by gold, silver or chrome.

And at last, my watchmakers do the definitive adaptation, the assembly of all the parts.  Full service and testing of the movement are done in the newly created case.


At this time the finished watch is evaluated by myself for quality, artistic character, harmony and finish.  Finally, I choose a special watch strap of the right size, color and texture since it also is part of the design, part of the art that you buy when you purchase one of my watches.

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