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About a hundred years ago the pocket watches were replaced by the wrist watches. By this time many different Watch Factories and their know-how started to disappear.

   The quality of the pocket watches of this period is conclusive until today. At this time the watchmaker's tradition was at its zenith in over than 500 years of the history of watchmaking since the era of Leonardo da Vinci.

  When the people were forced to sell their valuables because of wars, inflations and economic crises of the last century, pocket watch cases made of gold were sold on the first place.

   That way many high-grade pocket watches lost their cases and weren't usable as complete watches anymore.

   Many of these valuable high-grade movements survived until today.

   We have made it to our business to give to the noblest of such movements a new life.

   For that purpose, we provide the movements with custom made wrist watch cases, so that they could be worn on the arm. 

   Such large caliber watches are getting more and more popular now. Through the large diameter and reduced number of layers, the complete arrangement of parts is clearly visible. So the watches appear more fascinating and noble. 

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Recommendations for the owner of vintage watches:

- All Antique watches are mechanical. Many repairs will not be cheap, as most likely they will require replacement of non-standard parts (unlike most late model watches).

- Antique watches should not be beaten or dropped - because repairs may be expensive.

- Antique watches are generally NOT waterproof. This is because waterproofing was not in general production until the middle of the 20th century for most watches. Therefore you should protect your antique watch from exposure to moisture.

- If your watch becomes wet it should be dried off quickly. Carefully open all covers and use a hair drier to blow dry the movement, dial, covers, crown. This will reduce the amount of rust.

- If your watch becomes wet with any kind of salt water you should immediately immerse or spray your watch with fresh (no-salt) water to remove all the salt from the works before drying the watch completely. Any salt left in the watch will combine with moisture in the air to rust metal components of the movement, case etc.

- Winding any mechanical watch tight may break the mainspring. If you can avoid it do not wind the watch hard.

- When adjusting the hands of your watch, move them in a clockwise direction only. Counter-clockwise adjustments may damage the movement.

- If you must adjust counter-clockwise make it for small adjustments only (i.e. for minutes, NOT hours).

- Be careful and gentle when adjusting the movement speed (faster or slower). Don't make sharp movements, and don't touch other components in the movement especially the pendulum mechanism.

- Every 2-3 years it is necessary to service and oil vintage watches.

- If the watch is dirty - allow the watch to run down, don't wind it again until you have it serviced by a qualified watch repair expert. Dust will absorb and remove important lubricants and cause the movement pieces to wear down.

- To clean the case, dial and crystal you should use a cloth that does NOT leave fibers as these may get caught up in the movement. Check with your Watch repair expert to get an appropriate cloth.

- Keep your antiques watch away from magnets. Strong magnetic fields may affect the accuracy of your watch since some vintage watches were made with iron based components in the movement.

- Most Cases and Covers are fine components and will not handle abuse well. The watch should not be shaken, beaten, or stressed.

- Antique watches generally experience an error of up to 2-3 minutes a day. Any accuracy of +- 5 minutes is very good.

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