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Franck Muller 

 Franck Muller was born on July 11, 1958 in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds (La Chaux-de-Fonds). He was able to demonstrate and develop your talent is the ability to analyze and penetrate into the secrets of precision mechanics. From childhood he was attracted by well-known invention, the milestones marking the history of the hours of their occurrence. He did not stop to explore the secrets of old masters, perfecting his talent. Following his passion, he became interested in collecting antique watchmakers tools. He assembled and disassembled every clock, which fell into his hands. Already during his studies at the Geneva School of Watchmaking Franck Muller became known among collectors of many countries as a connoisseur and an expert on the restoration of the old clock. In this capacity he was to cooperate with many famous auction houses. Experience restorer Frank Muller gave an advantage over those who took up the creation of hours, not realizing that in watchmaking technology and beauty go hand in hand.

Among the special subjects of watchmaking Franck Muller a young man has chosen for itself the most complex and fascinating: studies in the field of micromechanics. For many years out of his hands out Swiss watches complex configuration, each of which marks a real creative breakthrough. Unique and high quality Swiss watches at one time famous through the first models that were a wrist-watches with tourbillon mechanism. For those men Muller wristwatch with tourbillon, which he developed at age 28, marked the transition to a new status: a child prodigy of watchmaking in the forefront of progress of the researcher. Collectors around the world Franck Muller became known as an expert antique clock restoration ever since his studies at the Geneva School of Watchmaking. He has collaborated with many great auction houses, which gave him the true knowledge of the world. Peace and quiet Jeanty help Frank Muller to create their masterpieces hour, and thus enter the new page in the history of watchmaking. Production of complex mechanical clocks based on the long tradition and experience of the master watchmakers of the past. In XX century the rapid development of science has a direct impact on the watch industry. 1992 - Gold Mueller year, he creates original Swiss watches with large and small fight hours, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, a pointer to a month, rotating counterclockwise, moon phases and a 24-hour pointer - this is the most sophisticated Swiss watches good of all when ever created.
Franck Muller decides to create his own watch company. The end 90 - the world premiere, this creates a unique Swiss watches in the company won patents. For example, a two-sided chronograph, the sound pointer or a pointer minute repeater watch the internal temperature. Opened boutiques Franck Muller in Tokyo, Osaka and Geneva Elite watch and demonstrate their real success is not visible armed look.
To create a corps in a workshop established the most sophisticated and complex machines, since when the body turns over one more than a hundred operations, many of which require an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter.
Each body is handled manually master eye sensitivity to detail which makes the fact that he can not make a car. Then the master-craftsman trim edges and polish all surfaces until it receives a perfect result. Excellent handling the case is confirmed by the prestigious breakdown "Cle de Geneve", which is placed on the body of every Franck Muller watches and guarantees authenticity as a clock, and the high level of performance.
Level of performance is largely determined by hours of the skill with which the dial is made. Its production requires the master of several days of work, spent a dozen different operations that are performed with meticulous precision. Looking at the dial, you can admire the excellent work, demonstrating the high art of watchmakers. Work on a watch glass and various ways of polishing - a necessary element of any model of harmonious style of Franck Muller. For all time windows are used only scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, whose quality is carefully monitored. This also applies to the form, for example, glass collection Cintree Curvex hours should match with the profile of the case. Therefore, in order to get the perfect polished glass, curved in three dimensions requires a very accurate treatment of the original crystal.
Many mechanisms Franck Muller watches are decorated with hand-engraved. The most experienced watchmakers engrave the firm's own mechanisms set up by them. Every detail is handled only by hand, which gives a special beauty of working mechanism, apparently through the transparent back cover hours. The style of engraving machinery Franck Muller is not similar to those used by other companies. Engraving of a simple mechanism requires the master more than two days of continuous operation, while work on the complicated watch can last for several weeks.
All watches Franck Muller mechanical with automatic or manual winding. One of the business cards automatic watches Franck Muller - their rotor, made of platinum, 950-carat, which is a sign of their belonging to a high art of watchmaking. Exclusivity arrangements Franck Muller - and simple and complex - is created throughout the work on them. Only the best master of manually collect all of them.
In the development of new mechanisms for hours is the primary means of specialized computer system, but this is only an important tool to complement dressmaker Franck Muller.
Franck Muller - Master of complicated watches. He manages to show every year worldwide collection of watches Franck Muller, at least one or two unknown history of watchmaking inventions.
In 1998, Frank Muller set the absolute world record - he created the world's smallest tourbillon mechanism. From the very beginning to achieve a world record, he decided not to put him in a familiar body we watch, and to demonstrate the size of the entire mechanism, following the example of the old masters. The diameter of the new time tourbillon mechanism is 19.15mm. In the upper part of the egg-installed glass, under which the dial with hour and minute hands. On the bottom of the case the egg is also a glass through which you can watch the working mechanism of the tourbillon. A central part of the body is decorated with 240 baguette-cut diamonds, which indicate that at the heart of the "egg" is now a mechanical marvel. A total of almost ten-year history the company Franck Muller made 20 inventions that can be said about "the first time in the world."
In Russia, the name of this watch brand are to label differently. Among the key - Frank Muller, Frank Miller, Frank Miller. However, the right would be one option - Frank Muller

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