Feature by Dick Ruzzin

Studio Wandolec is unique on the Internet.  There, INSPIRATION is present and visible in every NOBLE DESIGN WATCH that is created by the artisans, engineers and craftsmen that work there daily.  The root of creativity is found in INSPIRATION.  The following words give some insight into what has driven civilization forward through time all across this small planet as we try daily to improve our lives.
Your NOBLE DESIGN WATCH is unique and special, a little time machine that makes your life a little bit better every day.


When calling on Inspiration in art and design we do not think of death.  How does  it relate to creativity?  Are all humans inspired in some way?  Should we  seek inspiration, should we seek to always be inspired?  Take a deep breath, inspire, think for a moment, expire, clear your head and decide what you will do next.
Sometimes inspiration, used in a different context, is confused with dedication.  Dedication is an admirable human attribute, but the fuel for inspiration is everywhere, like the air around us.  It is the breath of life.  People learn how to use it and it can be an important part of the creative process.  All people can be inspired and can inspire others, as all people are creative.
Inspiration is not hard to find, it is in nature and in the works of man, in all things on earth and in the heavens, it has been an advancement tool for the human condition throughout the ages.  We simply have to breath deeply, relax and open our minds to see and accept it.

                                                  We will be inspired.