Feature by Dick Ruzzin
William L. Mitchell was a great car designer, the Vice President of Design for General Motors in America.  He is credited with many famous sayings, one of them was that "Love starts with a look".  This profound statement does not apply only to cars, but to everything that we are attracted to in life.
Here at the Wandolec Art Studio in Kiev we know what those words mean. For the successful sale of each of our Noble Design Watches is dependant on the aesthetics of the newly created case that will attract that "Look".  After the "Look" comes the wonderful revelation that a movement from an iconic brand has been meticulously restored and is housed within it, resulting in a historic and beautiful little time machine.
The combination of an iconic movement and the aesthetic "Look" results in a Noble Design Watch.  A one of a kind  that is unique and special.   
See them on my website, wandolec.com, and find the one that has the look that you will love.