My warmest thanks to author Philip Kuchel of the article, to editor Rachel Reeves, to Martin Foster of the Sydney Clockmakers Society for his written discussion on Huguenin watches and British Horological Institute’s Horological Journal.

I wish to clearly present here the mission of Wandolec Art Studio which is to preserve and restore historic branded watch movements like Patek Philippe, LeCoultre, IWC, Omega, and others that are normally lost forever. These noble watch movements, clearly stated as such, are then placed into new and individually designed cases.

These ones of a kind watches then have a new life as a NOBLE DESIGN WATCH. They are highly valued by our customers around the world.
They are not counterfeit products, fakes, copies, or replicas of brand name items. They have a much higher and prestigious value, a combination of horological history and contemporary watch design.

Our NOBLE DESIGN WATCHES are pieces of art, little time machines that bring great joy and pleasure to hundreds of people around the world.
Respectfully, Borys Sahaydak / Wandolec Art Studio

The journal reference: “Horological Journal (2020) 162(11), 429-433”.


Huguenin’s Gate - A Late Jump Quarter-Seconds Mechanism